Ant Prevention Tips

You can help keep ants out of your home with these ant prevention tips. If ants have moved into your home, consult a pest management professional about the most effective methods to get rid of them. Odds are that the ants you see along bench tops, skirting boards and cupboard edges are only the most obvious signs of the problem.

A certified pest professional can identify the type of ant that has invaded your home, get to the root of the problem – and eliminate it.


Ant Prevention Tips for Inside Your Home


  • Clean up spills and food crumbs quickly.
  • Empty rubbish bins often.
  • Do not feed pets inside.
  • Store food in pest-proof containers.
  • Rinse out jars and containers before placing them in rubbish and recycling bins.


Ant Prevention Tips for Outside your Home


  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from your house.
  • Keep gutters and storm drains free of debris.
  • Watch for new ant mounds or nests around your home.
  • Keep trash bags sealed and in closed garbage cans.
  • Seal doors and windows


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