Should You 'Do It Yourself' or book a Professional Termite Treatment?


Do DIY Termite Treatments work?

It is virtually impossible to successfully carry out a Do-It Yourself treatment to control termites inside your home. This is why Termidor® is registered to be applied only by licensed Pest Management Professionals.

Termidor® provide Accredited Training Progams for Pest Management Professionals to ensure that our product is applied correctly for effective Termite Termination!

Why you should hire a Pest Management Professional.

Termites are unlike any other insect and require extensive knowledge on their biology and behaviour to achieve successful management. Termite control requires an in-depth knowledge on building construction techniques to help determine the point of entry and best treatment method required. Also required is a large amount of expensive and specialised equipment to achieve a successful treatment outcome.

Why you should insist on Termidor®!

There are many alternative products available on the market through hardware and agricultural stores; however, these products often only work on controlling termites at the direct site of application and move the termite problem into another area in your home. In fact, these products can then make successful termite control by a Professional Pest Manager harder to achieve. However, Termidor and its unique Transfer Effect®, in the hands of a professional, can deliver the desired result……NO termites!

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