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Termite Blog: Termites in Australia & Australian Homes

Posted on 6 September 2013 by Termidor

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Termites are a serious problem here in Australia and you need to protect the biggest investment you may ever make…..your house.

Termites may already be in your home in which case you have to act now before they cause severe structural damage that’s very expensive to repair. There are quite a few cases where home owners have had to walk away from their homes because termite damage has been so extensive

Quite simply, termites eat wood and they come to your home looking for food. They get there by travelling through the ground from a nest that may be hundreds of metres away, and then they build mud tunnels into your house. They can squeeze through cracks the thickness of a piece of paper.

Home owners usually don’t know they’re there until substantial damage has been done. They eat anything made from wood inside your home and even gyprock and plasterboard walls, often leaving a paper thin layer of paint. Unfortunately by this time they are right through your home, no matter how your house is constructed.

Even steel-framed houses are not immune to termite attack. The termites can still get in and destroy wooden roof trusses, furniture and wood trim such as architraves….in fact anything made of wood in the house.


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