• Jun. 14 2013

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    BASF resolves fipronil patent infringement case in Australia

    BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, has resolved court proceedings against Imtrade Australia Pty Ltd which included allegations of infringement of one of BASF's Australian patents relating to processes for the manufacture of fipronil. Imtrade gave undertakings to the Federal Court of Australia that it would not infringe BASF’s rights in that patent and would refrain from selling or marketing any products containing fipronil that infringed BASF's rights in that patent, for as long as the Australian Patent remains in force.

  • Oct. 26 2012

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    BASF Pest Control Solutions appoints NSW Sales Manager

    BASF Australia has recently appointed David Wilson to the position of NSW Sales Manager for its Pest Control Solutions team in Australia.

    David brings a wealth of more than 11 years’ of experience in the pest control industry to his new role.

  • Sep. 21 2012

    Mal Brewer

    4,000 treatments and counting with no product failures

    After carrying out more than 4,000 applications with the one product, termite management specialist, Mal Brewer, believes he has every right to express his faith in Termidor® Termiticide.

    Over his nearly twenty years in the business, he has tried a wide range of products and technologies: generic and patented; repellent and non-repellent; and pre- and post- construction.

  • Jan. 30 2012

    Termidor 10 years

    Termidor® : Ten years of revolutionary progress

    A decade ago, Australian pest managers were challenged to rethink their approach to termite management with the launch of a “revolutionary new product”, Termidor termiticide.

    According to BASF Technical Manager, Scott Kleinschmidt, those pest managers who took up and embraced the new challenge, and the opportunities it provided, “ … have well and truly prospered”.


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