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Keeping your home safe

Our homes aren’t just a major investment – usually the largest we’ll ever make – but also the centre of family life, crucial to our emotional wellbeing.

If your home contains any structural timber – like a timber frame, timber trusses in the roof, timber flooring or a deck – termites could eat it away until it collapses.

That’s why a relatively small investment in vital protection for your most important asset is so worthwhile. And why you should insist on the best treatment available.

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Do you have any timber inside your home? E.g. Timber trusses in your roof, timber flooring.

The cover insurance companies won’t touch

It is extremely difficult to insure your home against termite damage. Insurance companies generally won’t take the risk, so it’s excluded from their house and contents insurance policies.

Luckily Termidor provides you with two unmatched forms of reassurance: the superior protection zone itself and our exclusive Termidor Assurance Warranty, which covers your home for structural damage up to $2 million.

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Inspection of your home is the best way to find out what level of damage prevention and control your home might need. Use our postcode search to call an Accredited Termidor Applicator and arrange a free assessment of your termite risk.

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